Child Care

We provide overall child care services for your little ones, ensuring all their needs are met. We understand what it takes to look after young ones at such a fragile age.

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Safety & Hygiene

we educate kids on Health & Safety and energize your child to keep them active during the learning process or during playtime.

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Active Learning

We make learning fun! Your child will never be bored with school with our active learning techniques that are formulated to stimulate the mind and excite the child.

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Welcome to WonderFeet Kindergarten

WonderFeet is Chennai’s most unique kindergarten facility providing overall childcare services and active learning methods. We focus on more than just basic knowledge. Our goal is to empower children with the confidence to develop their abilities to the fullest potential. We promote creativity and allow children to retain their uniqueness.



Get in touch with us if you would like to work at WonderFeet and change the world.

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Every child is born with a unique personality and their surroundings at a young age will play an important role in shaping their personality as adults.

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Our Curriculum

WonderFeet’s formidable curriculum is designed to unleash a child’s potential to the fullest.

IQ Development

Lessons that develop a child’s verbal, written and linguistic intelligence.

Music Programs

Music classes improve brain power and allow a form of self expression.

Dance Class

Improved coordination, creativity and social skills through fun oriented dance classes

Art Classes

Specially designed classes that improve the child’s imagination with shapes and colors

Sports Programs

Programs designed to train children in cognitive abilities through heightened perceptions.

Field Visit

Programs for children displaying high performance in intellectual, artistic and leadership fields.

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Why WonderFeet?




Qualified Teachers


Happy Children


Total Activities


Let you child start their journey into endless creativity today! Enroll with WonderFeet to begin an adventure that will leave an impression for a lifetime.

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