Welcome to Wonderfeet

WonderFeet is a kindergarten in Chennai that offers a wide array of child development programs. While other places feel that only academics are relevant in today’s world, we believe that creativity and personality has the power to improve intellectuality and academic performance as well.

Our Kindergarten in chennai offers programs that are meant to support the overall development of the child and to ensure that they are able to retain and improve on their unique innate abilities. From drawing, dancing and music lessons to mind-brain activation and personality development, we ensure your child develops the best form of creative education.

Mr. Manikandan is a visionary in the field of education. His drive to change the landscape of education for the youth of our country is backed up by years of experience and study into the same field. He is well-versed in child personality development and seeks to promote a society where children are taught creatively, in ways that they can enjoy the learning process.

Mr. Manikandan Director


We provide education through choice based learning system by understanding the uniqueness of each child in a fun filled and safe environment, to create happy learners and to teach learning is fun.


To create an efficient community with competitive children.


WonderFeet is like a second home for my child. I have no trouble dropping him off and trusting that he will have an incredible day everyday. I have watched him develop so many talents at WonderFeet and I am happy that I found an institution that supports his development so well.
Anita Matthew
My child enjoys her classes at WonderFeet. She’s always happy when she learns something new and she practices her drawing and dance even at home. Her vocabulary has significantly improved as well.
David Samuel
I enrolled my son in WonderFeet and I am very thankful for making this decision. He has suddenly become an all rounder and wants to try his hands at everything. I’ve seen nothing but positive results from WonderFeet’s programs.
Shalini Rajan
Both of our children go to WonderFeet. I am surprised by how much they get excited to get to class everyday! They come home and tell us everything they’ve learned for the day and its great to see them learning in such a proactive way.
Manav Dahey
Ever since my little girl started classes at WonderFeet she has become more outspoken and less fearful of social settings. I am happy with the improvement of her social skills.
Drishya Manohar